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Are you looking to enhance your outdoor living experience in Alpharetta, GA? A screen porch could be the ideal addition to your home. Offering a seamless blend of indoor comfort and outdoor serenity, a screen porch allows you to revel in the beauty of nature while staying protected from pesky insects. Whether you envision a cozy retreat for relaxation or an entertainment hub for hosting family and friends, a screen porch can transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and joy. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the benefits of having a screen porch in Alpharetta, explore various design options, and provide valuable insights on choosing the right contractor for your project. With New Vision Remodeling, your dream outdoor oasis is within reach.

What is a Screen Porch Alpharetta GA?

A screen porch, also known as a screened-in porch or enclosed porch, is a covered outdoor area that features screened openings instead of solid walls. These screens act as barriers against insects, allowing fresh air to circulate while keeping bugs and pests outside. With a screen porch, you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the outdoors without the nuisance of bugs and mosquitoes. It serves as an extension of your living space, offering an inviting area to relax, entertain, and connect with nature.

Benefits of a Screen Porch

Investing in a screen porch brings forth a myriad of benefits that enrich your lifestyle and elevate your home’s value. Let’s explore the key advantages in detail:

  1. Insect Protection: Alpharetta’s warm and humid climate often attracts insects and mosquitoes. A screen porch acts as a shield, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of bug bites or incessant buzzing. It creates a safe and comfortable environment, perfect for unwinding and spending quality time with loved ones.
  2. Year-Round Enjoyment: Alpharetta experiences mild winters, making it conducive to outdoor activities throughout the year. With heating elements or outdoor fireplaces, you can extend your enjoyment of the screen porch even during colder months. Embrace the joy of sipping hot cocoa amidst the tranquility of nature or revel in a summertime BBQ with friends.
  3. Versatility: A screen porch caters to your diverse needs and desires. It can be transformed into a versatile space, such as a peaceful reading nook, an outdoor dining area, or a play zone for children. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor the space to suit your lifestyle.
  4. Health and Well-being: Spending time in a screen porch fosters a connection with nature, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Breathe in the fresh air, bask in the sunlight, and let the calming ambiance soothe your mind and soul. Embracing the outdoors has a positive impact on your overall well-being.
  5. Enhanced Property Value: Adding a screen porch is not only an investment in your well-being but also in your property. The appeal of an outdoor living space that combines comfort and functionality boosts the value of your home, making it a compelling asset for potential buyers.
  6. Privacy and Seclusion: In a bustling neighborhood like Alpharetta, a screen porch provides a private escape. Enjoy intimate conversations or moments of solitude amidst the beauty of nature, shielded from curious glances.

Designing Your Dream Screen Porch

To create your dream screen porch, meticulous planning and thoughtful design choices are essential. Here are key considerations to craft a captivating outdoor haven:

1. Optimal Location

Selecting the perfect location is pivotal to maximize your screen porch’s benefits. Consider factors like sunlight exposure, prevailing winds, and views you wish to embrace. A serene garden view or a scenic landscape can enhance your experience.

2. Flooring Selection

Choose durable and weather-resistant flooring materials that complement your home’s architecture and the screen porch’s style. Popular options include composite decking, brick pavers, and natural stone. Thoughtfully selected flooring adds elegance and longevity to your outdoor space.

3. Screen Material and Design

The choice of screen material is crucial for maintaining a bug-free environment while maximizing visibility and airflow. Options like fiberglass, aluminum, or solar screen offer excellent protection and durability. Customizable screen designs allow you to tailor the aesthetics to your taste.

4. Furnishing and Decor

Invest in comfortable and weather-resistant furniture to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. Opt for fabrics and materials that withstand the elements while offering relaxation and style. Accessorize with outdoor rugs, cushions, and decorative accents to infuse personality into your space.

5. Lighting and Ambiance

Strategic lighting sets the mood for your screen porch, whether it’s a tranquil retreat or a lively entertainment area. Incorporate soft ambient lighting for relaxing evenings and functional task lighting for nighttime gatherings. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly option for energy efficiency.

6. Heating and Cooling Options

To ensure year-round comfort, consider heating and cooling solutions tailored to Alpharetta’s climate. Outdoor heaters or fire pits provide warmth during colder months, while ceiling fans or natural ventilation keep the space cool in summer.

7. Landscaping and Greenery

Integrate lush greenery and landscaping to complement the natural beauty surrounding your screen porch. Vertical gardens, potted plants, and hanging baskets infuse the space with vibrant colors and a refreshing atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Screen Porch Contractor

Selecting a reputable and experienced contractor is paramount to bring your vision to life. Here are essential factors to guide your decision:

1. Expertise and Experience

Choose a contractor with a proven track record in designing and constructing screen porches. New Vision Remodeling boasts years of experience and a portfolio showcasing successful projects.

2. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Research customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the contractor’s reliability and customer satisfaction. New Vision Remodeling prides itself on positive feedback from countless satisfied clients.

3. Licensing and Insurance

Verify that the contractor possesses all necessary licenses and insurance to operate legally and protect both parties during the project. New Vision Remodeling meets all legal requirements and prioritizes safety.

4. Customization Options

Look for a contractor like New Vision Remodeling


In addition to custom deck building, we also provide roofing installation for your exterior areas.

Opting to build a deck roof ensures that you can use your new space in all types of weather and protects your skin from sun exposure.

Hire a PRO

We use high-quality materials when building deck roofs and offer a range of styles, making it easy to get long-lasting results that fit your budget.

The property-enhancing projects we offer Screen Porch Alpharetta Ga

All the way from major additions to minor structural projects, let New Vision Remodeling Group. As a team that puts quality and customer satisfaction first, we understand what it takes to build one-of-a-kind structures that will truly enrich your space. The different property-enhancing building options we offer our Alpharetta, Milton, Canton, Dunwoody, Duluth, and Woodstock, GA customers include:


  • Decks: Decks are an excellent addition to any home, providing an attractive setting for cookouts or 4th of July parties with your family and friends. We can build a beautiful wood or composite deck that will really make your yard stand out!
  • Pergolas: Pergolas can offer the perfect amount of shade to your outdoor space, making them a practical and versatile addition to any home.
  • Sunrooms: Bring the feel of outdoors inside by adding a luxurious sunroom to your North Atlanta property.
  • Many other exterior-enhancing projects: At Exterior Design + Decks, we can create a truly one-of-a-kind project for your property. Interested in what our team can accomplish or want references to gather inspiration? Check out our gallery!

We’ll take the time to inspect your property and discuss all the pertinent details, providing you with an overview of several design concepts and a price estimate.

Cities that we service:

Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Ball ground, Canton, Chamblee, Cumming , Duluth, Dunwoody, Holly Springs, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Milton, Norcross, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Suwanee, Vinings and Woodstock

Deck projects:

Hi I would like to know how much will it be to attach a pergola to the back of the house? The lady that referred me to you has this done in her house and it looks great.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Replace an existing deck with flagstone patio and stone stairs.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

I am looking to replace the deck on my 3-story townhome. The wood is rotting and the privacy wall is coming undone. I do have an HOA that has to approve the project before work can begin. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Good morning, we’re looking for a quote to replace the floor and railings on our deck. Thanks

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We would like an estimate on a screened deck. Thank you.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Need to replace 20 yo deck, and would like to discuss enhancing with
screened porch and fireplace.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Extend deck and make It bigger. Covered it and possibly screened. Finish so fan can be installed at the bottom of deck for basement porch and also covered roof of deck ( top)

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Seeking to replace existing deck with screened in porch (eg roof, ceiling
fan, lights), and maybe replace existing stairs with safer/easier ones.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Our current deck is old and not up to code. We need to tear it down, and
we’d like to expand the size and add a screened-in porch. Ready to start in March/April time frame.

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Back cover porch

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Deck removal and rebuild covered deck with stairs

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We are interested in adding a screened in porch and deck onto our ranch.

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I would like to replace my existing deck and replace it with a larger deck,
more than double the size and build a covered section on part of the deck.

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Would like to replace my existing wood deck with a Timber Tech deck.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Hello, I am currently in the due diligence period for a house I am
purchasing. I would like a quote for deck leveling and retaining wall repair. The retaining wall has some rotten sections and the deck has been slightly lifted by some tree roots. If possible I need this quote fast since the due diligence period ends on Thursday.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Roswell City (Alpharetta address); I would like to enclose my existing deck with windows, roof and heating & air. Ready to hire now.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Looking to add stairs between our 1st and 2nd story decks. Also interested
in adding a stamped and stained concrete patio of approximately 20×30 beneath the 1st story deck. Thanks.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

2nd story deck that is 20′ x 21′ – looking for a quote on composite boards
and wrought iron railing (or spindles)

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

A new deck or porch

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Extend existing deck + add steps and planter boxes

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I want to build a deck in the backyard of my house

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30 year old house, original deck has rotting boards. Looking for estimates
on both repair cost, and for a total rebuild.

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Wanted to redo our deck and extend it

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I Would like to upscale my deck. Possibly replace floor with composite wood and add shade/cover. Also looking to get a fence if that is something you also do.

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Interested in tearing down open air existing deck (24 years old) and
building new one that is screened in (with electrical, ceiling lights, ceiling fan and TV mount and larger than current deck). More details if you call me back. Thx!

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Renovate back deck

Project Location: Screen Porch Alpharetta GA

Want to have deck posts and footings evaluated. Previous owner raised grade and parts of posts are now below grade.